ICG Management Limited (“ICG”)
To have effective corporate governance for an offshore fund, you need directors with proven hedge fund expertise. The directors promote a robust governance framework, which helps protect the interests of investors and stakeholders. Using a consultative approach and working with the investment manager & fund service providers, the directors focus on establishing a strong reporting environment and an effective process for monitoring the offshore fund’s service providers on a regular basis.
ICG was established in 2006 to focus on providing independent director services for offshore funds. ICG’s objective was to combine its director’s professional qualifications, institutional experience and hedge fund expertise for the benefit of funds and their investors. ICG now focusses on providing support to a limited number of independent directors.  
Institutional Experience & Offshore Fund Expertise
All directors supported by ICG are seasoned professionals having worked with large global financial services businesses. They have extensive experience of global investment markets, regulation, valuations, offshore funds and corporate governance.  The directors have an average of over 20 years’ experience across the fields of investment management, accounting, risk management, legal, fund administration, audit and fiduciary services.
Team Support
The director’s commitment to insightful feedback and expeditious document review is supported by their relationship with ICG and its strong support team. This allows the director’s to focus on their core fiduciary responsibilities.
Regulated – Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
ICG holds a Companies Management Licence, issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) and is subject to on-going regulatory obligations. CIMA’s Fiduciary Services Division's duties encompass the supervision and regulation of providers of company management services. This on-going supervision and regulation includes the receipt and analysis of regular audited financial statements, meetings with the licencees' management, and periodic detailed reports or examinations on specific areas of internal controls and systems.
The directors and principals of ICG are Cayman Islands residents and approved by CIMA.
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